After 20 years (1983-2003)

Jubilee Centre, March 2003

The Jubilee Centre has been working for social change for 20 years! Is that not cause for celebration? From its inception, the Jubilee Centre has sought to explore biblical social teaching – focusing particularly on the OT model – and to find practical ways to effect change accordingly. Since 1983, multiple semi-independent or now wholly independent organizations have grown out of the insights gleaned from the biblical social vision, regarding for example the Sabbath, debt management, interest-free lending and the centrality of right relationships for human well-being (Matthew 22:34–40). We hope these brief descriptions will help clarify a potentially confusing picture. Please understand that for accounting purposes each organization listed here is a separate entity – unless we are given special instructions, cheques written to one will not contribute to the work of another. As ENGAGE is a Jubilee Centre publication we will only occasionally draw attention to our sister organisations. If you would like regular information about the work of one or more of them, please contact each directly.

Jubilee Centre

Founded in 1983, the Jubilee Centre is now devoted exclusively to research and dissemination. The focus of our research is biblical social teaching, particularly biblical law (i.e. the Jewish social model), and its application to contemporary social, political and economic issues. The Centre also seeks useful ways to make the fruits of its biblical and public policy reflection available to a wider Christian audience, both in the UK and overseas. Its ultimate goal is to equip Christians to engage more effectively in the transformation of society. Towards that end, the Jubilee Centre continues to sponsor research projects, including a book that draws together Jubilee Centre thinking to date, the Jubilee Roadmap. The Jubilee Centre administers and distributes Cambridge Papers, a quarterly publication that tackles contemporary issues from a biblical perspective. In addition, the Jubilee Centre publishes booklets (three per year currently), and this quarterly publication.

Jubilee Centre, St Andrew’s House, 59 St Andrew’s Street, Cambridge CB2 3BZ
Tel: 01223 566319

Keep Sunday Special Campaign (KSSC)

The campaign to preserve the special character of Sunday has been running since the mid-1980s. In 1994 it lost the battle to keep big stores closed on a Sunday but has fought to maintain some of the pleasant features of the traditional Sunday and to prevent further deregulation. Big stores are still restricted to six hours of trading and the Campaign tries to help shopworkers and others who claim they have been unfairly dismissed.

The Money Charity (formerly Credit Action)

Credit Action was formed in 1988 as part of the Jubilee Centre and became an independent charity in 1992. Its vision is to educate local churches and the population at large in biblical and practical principles of handling money. Its aims are therefore primarily preventative – trying to avoid the pain that debt and the mismanagement of personal finances can bring. Credit Action manages a free-phone debt helpline, which offers support to all who find themselves in debt.


The Relationships Foundation

The Relationships Foundation was set up by the Jubilee Centre in 1994 to help build relationships in public and private life. Although firmly rooted in Judeo-Christian values, it seeks deliberately to work with people of all faiths and backgrounds to make our society more relationships-centred. The Foundation carries out research exploring the impact of public policy on relationships, develops innovative ways of thinking and working that seek to strengthen relationships at all levels of society, and undertakes practical initiatives demonstrating the power of this approach. Reform of public services, family policy, health care, business and organizational practices, and criminal justice are all currently on its agenda. The Foundation has also published a book, The R Option, which explores lifestyle issues from the perspective of relationships.

Concordis International

Concordis International Trust, is a conflict transformation initiative, whose methodology is based around a series of informal consultations held in a neutral venue. These engage senior leaders from all political parties, the private sector and civil society in their personal capacities in peace-building – horizontally (across the lines of conflict) and vertically (within their own constituencies) – with a view to the long-term transformation of relationships. From 1986 until 1999, they worked in South Africa and Rwanda (as the Newick Park Initiative). Since 1999, Concordis and its partner, the African Renaissance Institute, have been running the Sudan Peace-Building Programme.

Allia (formerly CityLife)

Allia (formerly CityLife) was set up by the Relationships Foundation in 1996 to develop relational responses to urban unemployment. Its main initiative towards this end is its ‘Employment Bond’, a 5-year zero-interest loan challenging citizens and corporates to invest securely in local regeneration and employment programmes. Allia has issued almost £5m of Bonds in Sheffield, Newcastle and East London to over 800 investors, working with partner organisations to create or find jobs for over 400 unemployed people, with final projections of 1500, as well as spinning-off new partnerships and ideas. Over 30 cities and rural areas have expressed interest in Bonds. Now an independent charity, Allia aims to be a market leading mutual society working both nationally and locally.

Keep Time for Children (KTC)

This new project sets out to address one of the most serious constraints on modern family life, namely the lack of time parents can spend with their children. A study by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has demonstrated that one of the most significant changes in the labour market in recent years is the large number of parents now working on a Saturday and Sunday. The long-term plan is to promote a Family Days Protection Bill in Parliament. KTC is sponsored by The Relationships Foundation in association with CARE.


The Jubilee Centre and its sister organisations.

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March, 2003

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