30th Anniversary Celebrations

Over 120 people attended a reception on September 13th where Dr Chris Wright and Stephen Timms MP spoke on the topic ‘Between Pulpit and Parliament’ with reference to the Jubilee Centre’s influence and impact.  Former staff, volunteers, supporters and trustees, as well as leaders of churches and other Christian organisations reflected on the history of the Jubilee Centre and the challenges ahead.

Chris Wright likened the Jubilee Centre’s approach to the ‘Cape Town Commitment’ made at the 3rd Lausanne Global Congress in 2010, which he was instrumental in drawing up.  He explained how we share five things in common: a relational framework of love, a canonical approach to Scripture, a practical outworking of Christian doctrine, an integral understanding of mission and a societal application of the faith.  Chris affirmed the Jubilee Centre’s coherent and compelling vision, with right relationships at its heart, and our consistency in applying this across different sectors of society.

Stephen Timms talked about the hope which Christians can bring to the public square, and the faith which he said was an essential source of the motivation and values which are needed to make politics work.  He described six key values, and congratulated the Jubilee Centre on helping build these values in public life.  They are responsibility, solidarity, persistence, compassion, tolerance and truthfulness.

Above all, he said, the Church and the Jubilee Centre alike are in the vital business of bringing hope to communities and wider society.

Finally, Jonathan Tame outlined the two central ideas underpinning all of the Jubilee Centre’s work.  The first is the holistic vision for society laid out in the Torah, which was recently summarised in our Jubilee Roadmap.  The second is the framework of Relational Thinking as the best way to translate the biblical vision into the secular context and language of the 21st century.

The 30th anniversary events continued with our Faith in the Future conference on Saturday morning.

Jurisprudence professor Julian Rivers began with a seminar on ‘Human rights and human dignity’, persuasively arguing that postmodern values were in danger of subverting our understanding of human dignity.  This is creating a ‘Trojan horse’ which insinuates a deceptive ideology into public life as the basis of human rights. Economist Paul Mills outlined the effects of our high levels of public, corporate and private debt, exploring the idea that debt is a form of slavery with consequences that far outstrip its advantages of bringing forward future spending power.

Jubilee Centre Founder and Life President Michael Schluter spoke about the charity’s origins and history, its changing role and potential future impact. The three speakers then answered a wide range of questions from the audience in a panel session.

The morning ended with the premiere of the Jubilee Centre’s new film, Reality Checkpoint (see back page).

Videos of the three lectures on Saturday morning, and the three presentations from the Friday evening, can be viewed on the Jubilee Centre’s YouTube channel here.

Many thanks to all who attended on Friday and Saturday, making it a fitting celebration of the first 30 years of work by the Jubilee Centre and all those associated with it.

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September, 2013

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