Abortion Addicts

by John Hayward

Today’s annual abortion statistics for England and Wales from the Department of Health make for dismal reading:

  • The total number of abortions in 2007 rose by 2.5% to an all time high of 198,499, 35% of which were carried out using the “abortion pill”.
  • Abortions among girls aged under 16 rose by 10%.
  • In the under 14s, abortions rose by 21%.
  • In the past decade, abortions in the under 16s has risen by 27%.
  • As in 2006, the abortion rate was highest among women age 19, at 36 per 1,000, and 32% of women undergoing abortions had undergone one or more previous abortions.

As has been noted by Lord Steel, who introduced what became the 1967 Abortion Act, abortion itself is not the problem – the problem is the unwanted pregnancy. Sex education and the widespread availability of contraception have done nothing to prevent this trend. I suspect that nothing will, until and unless our culture recognises the failings of individualism and accepts that each of us has a place in a network of relationships radiating out from the family to the wider community and that even our individual and private decisions have an impact on this network.

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June, 2008

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