Our mission is to inspire and equip people with the theology, strategy and confidence to seek social transformation.

Jubilee Centre’s mission is about articulating a biblical framework for public life – especially the big issues around the economy, politics and society – and equipping Christian leaders to be salt and light in a secular world. 

Half a century ago Harry Blamires, student of CS Lewis and author of ‘The Christian Mind’, began his seminal book with the statement, ‘There is no longer a Christian mind’ – meaning distinctly Christian thinking about political, social, educational and cultural issues.  Instead the Church had abdicated its intellectual authority in the public square to secularism.

This was one reason why Michael Schluter established the Jubilee Centre twenty years later in 1983.  Its vision was to recover a biblical perspective on the big questions of life and society, without departing from the personal challenge of the gospel.

How should Christians exercise public leadership?  Is there a radical biblical alternative to capitalism or socialism?  How does the gospel address individualism and consumerism?  Grappling with these questions has forged the Jubilee Centre’s mission for the past 30 years.

But what drives the Jubilee Centre is not academic interest or political mileage: it’s a passion to see Jesus Christ as Redeemer and Lord in every area of life.  We’re not content just to see godly families and thriving local churches if they make little impact on wider society.

We won’t rest until we see Christians in every generation and nation who are thinking biblically, and go on to communicate positively and demonstrate compassionately the transforming power of the gospel in every area of society.

Not many Christians set out to become social reformers, but we are all called to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness – in our personal lives and our spheres of influence.

The Jubilee Centre encourages and equips people with big ideas and relevant resources for understanding and living out the biblical vision for society.

In short, inspired by the apostle Paul in Romans 12:1-2, we want to help followers of Jesus recover a Christian mind, and grow in their effectiveness as salt and light in a world of injustice, greed, loneliness and poverty.