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Links to organisations in the Jubilee Centre network

Relational Research (formerly Relationships Global) was established in 2009 to develop an international network of people and organisations who recognise the importance of relationships to human wellbeing and seek to combat the causes of relational poverty.  The result is the Relational Thinking Network, of which Jubilee Centre is a founder member.

The Relationships Foundation (RF) grew out of the work of the Jubilee Centre in 1994 and exists to strengthen relationships across private and public life.

Now an RF project, Keep Sunday Special exists to promote Sunday as a day of rest, as a day for family activities and as a day of worship for Christians, and prevent the further erosion of the special status of Sunday in British life.

Another RF project, Keep Time for Children promotes the importance of family time at weekends particularly for families with school age children.

The Relationships Foundation have launched the Marriage Foundation which aims to see fewer relationships breaking down and more people forming healthy stable relationships.

Concordis International, formerly known as Relationships Foundation International, is an initiative launched by the Relationships Foundation. It is an international peace-building organisation that works with individuals and groups in conflict situations.

The Money Charity (formerly Credit Action) became independent from the Jubilee Centre in 1992. It seeks to educate local churches and the population at large in biblical and practical principles for handling money.

Allia – the Social Profit Society – issues charitable bonds to raise new funds for social benefit. First established as Citylife in 1996, it has attracted over £25m of investment and released funds around the UK that have helped thousands of people into employment, enterprise or out of debt.

Allia also manages Future Business, which specialises in helping businesses with a social or environmental mission. It provides advice, affordable workspace and social impact measurement at all stages of business development, from entrepreneurs with an idea to established organisations.


Campaigning Organisations Contains information regarding the work of CARE (Christian Action Research Education), ‘a mainstream Christian charity involved in caring, campaigning and communicating’, as well as numerous resources and briefing papers. The Christian Institute is based in Newcastle and campaigns on a range of issues of concern to Christians. Their website contains many useful publications and briefing papers. The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity works to equip Christians to engage biblically and relevantly with the issues they face, including work, capitalism, youth culture, media, gender and communication. Equity for Africa raises capital to invest profitably in small businesses and builds the infrastructure to manage investments. It enables local people to improve their livelihoods by creating sustainable employment. A leading relief and development charity working in partnership with Christian agencies and churches worldwide to tackle the causes and effects of poverty and to open a brighter future for the world’s poorest communities. A Christian relief and development organisation dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. Formerly known as Christian Political Foundation for Europe (CPFE), Sallux is an association that acts as the political foundation for the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM), a political association of Christian-democratic parties and organisations, including Jubilee Centre, which are active at every level in Europe. helps you to offset unavoidable carbon emissions by supporting community forestry and cookstove projects in Ghana, Kenya and Mexico.


Other Useful Resources Affinity is a growing network of many hundreds of Bible-centred churches and Christian agencies throughout Britain and Ireland of which the Jubilee Centre is a member. Jubilee Centre supporters may be particularly interested in the work of the Affinity Social Issues Team. Maintains the Round Church in Cambridge as a visitor centre highlighting Christian history and as a focal point for training in theology and cultural apologetics, seeking to demonstrate to contemporary society that Christianity is a living faith with the power to change people and therefore to shape history. Contains information regarding the numerous programmes and initiatives undertaken by the Evangelical Alliance UK, including an ‘information and resources centre’ with links to information about issues relating to the Church and Christian living. An international movement of Christians with three main areas of ministry: evangelism, training and mercy ministry. The University of the Nations is YWAM’s global vehicle for training, seeking to combine traditional classroom learning with a discipleship atmosphere and practical mission-field experience. seeks to put relationships at the centre of American life, and is led by Simon Fowler and author of Sex and the iWorld Dr Dale Kuehne. The rWorld is a member of the Relational Thinking Network.