What do we do?

We believe the Bible describes a coherent vision for society that has enduring relevance for Britain and the world in the 21st century. At the heart of this social vision is a concern for right relationships. We seek to study, propagate and apply this vision in order to provide a positive response to the challenges faced by individuals, communities and policy makers.

Our strategy is inspired by the example of Ezra, who devoted himself to study, observe and teach the Law (Ezra 7:10).

Research: we seek to connect major issues and dilemmas in contemporary society with a careful study of the Bible.  Our conviction is that God’s word holds the key to compassionate and redemptive engagement, as well as painting a big picture for society as a whole.

Publications and training: we make our research and teaching widely available, and help leaders especially to think biblically about the opportunities and challenges facing them.

Cambridge Papers apply biblical teaching to a range of contemporary issues. Jubilee Centre writers have written 15 books and numerous research papers, most of which are available on our website, along with audio and video resources.

Our training programme is growing as we offer regular conferences, seminars and a Masterclass in Relational Thinking in Britain, and courses abroad through our Relational Studies Initiative.

Application: we demonstrate the practical outworking of the biblical vision for society by recommending or even initiating strategies for social reform.

This is done mostly by the organisations which the Jubilee Centre has launched over the years, for example the work of Relationships Foundation.

“The Jubilee Centre’s intelligent and accessible approach to public theology represents an invaluable investment for Christianity in the culture. For many Christians in public life, the Cambridge Papers offer a biblically faithful and stimulating aid for more effective and extensive engagement. They are ahead of the curve as a resource, and I’m sure that they’ll bear much fruit in terms of supporting public leadership with hope and vision.” Dr David Landrum; Director of Advocacy, Evangelical Alliance