Bible and biodiversity London event

Cambridge Paper London launch

January 21st, 2015 at 18.30.

280px Red Admiral 1You are warmly invited to attend the public launch of our most recent Cambridge Paper exploring the Bible and Biodiversity, with Dave Bookless (A Rocha), David Nussbaum (WWF) and Simon Stuart (IUCN).

This event, brought to you in partnership with A Rocha, will bring together some of the most prominent names in the conservation movement. Dave Bookless will provide the keynote address with further contributions from David Nussbaum, CEO of the World Wildlife Fund UK, and Simon Stuart of the IUCN Species Survival Commission.

For too long, Christians have focused their energies on better understanding the will of the Creator with regard to humanity while overlooking the Creator’s will with regard to creation.  Don’t miss this opportunity to develop a biblical response to one of the most urgent and misunderstood social issues of our time.

The venue is 24 Greencoat Place, London, SW1P 1RD. This is the UK headquarters for Initiatives of Change.

The event is free, but tickets are limited. Please register in advance to ensure a place.  For any questions please contact our events manager, Miss Njoki Mahiaini by phone on 01223 341211 or by email.

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December, 2014

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  1. janice says:

    I am not able to attend this event. Please can this be recorded on someones mobile and my be sent an audio file so I may listen in afterwards.
    Please can such digital participation be set up for all green christian events: Not everyone lives in london ( about 90%of UK population outside of M25) and as greens wont want to travel a lot just for a few hours however important.

  2. Thiago R B de Mello says:

    Hello, I’m with Janice!

    I’m from Brazil, so I’ll not be able to attend, but I’d like so much to see the “lectures”!!
    Please (and this applies to all “green christian organizations”), consider how you could facilitate the access of people from other countries. Brazil needs urgently to “awaken” for some environmental topics, specially the church.
    I’m at your disposal to help with what I can.

  3. JubileeCentre says:

    Thank you very much for your comments Janice and Thiago. We are planning to record the main talk at least on video, and probably on audio too, and will upload it on this site.
    We hope you will find it stimulating!

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