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John Hayward   Posted: 22 September 2010

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salt and light blog awardTwo months ago we launched a search for the best Christian blogs that engage in social and political issues of interest to the world outside the Church. In all, we received sixteen nominations, although one of these was the Jubilee Centre's own blog, which we obviously cannot allow to proceed to the next round(!)

So, we list below in alphabetical order links to the remaining fifteen and invite you to vote in the table beneath on which you think are the best - and perhaps to discover some new sources offering you a biblical perspective on social and political concerns.

As you explore the various options that may be new to you, may you find plenty of fresh thinking to connect your faith and the world. Results will be announced later in the year. Until then, thank you helping us to identify the best in applied biblical thinking in the blogosphere - and be sure to spread the word via your own blog and social networks!

If you have other blogs you wish you had nominated, add them in the comments below and we'll see about adding them to the poll - though late additions will obviously be at a disadvantage when it comes to counting the votes.

Nominated Blogs

  • Adrian Warnock: part of the leadership team of a growing multicultural church in London
  • Albert Mohler: President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Archbishop Cranmer: an anonymous blogger 'examining religio-political agendas with politico-religious objectives'
  • Between Two Worlds: Justin Taylor, a former associate of John Piper working in the Christian publishing industry
  • Marcus Honeysett: Director of evangelical training ministry Living Leadership
  • Make Wealth History: an exploration of sustainable living in the real world by brothers Paul and Jeremy Williams
  • Mavuno Church: a church in Kenya
  • Purposeful Purity: teenagers Hannah and Bella aim to encourage other young Christian women to live a Christ-centered life
  • Simon Burton-Jones: the Archdeacon of Rochester
  • Something Personal: Geoff Ashton
  • Theos: a public theology think tank
  • The rWorld: Dale Kuehne, a politics professor and pastor in New England
  • The Urban Pastor: Richard Perkins, lead pastor of a church in South London
  • This Side of Sunday: Jon Coutts, a doctoral student in systematic theology at Aberdeen
  • Vinoth Ramachandra: Secretary for Dialogue & Social Engagement on the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) Senior Leadership Team

Late Nominations


For results of the poll, see The Top Seven Christian Blogs


If Marcus Honeysett is even half right in his evaluation of the current status and future need of leadership within the church, then his analysis and ideas are of prime importance.

Richard Matcham   22 September 2010

This has to be the most educative Blog on Christians' engagement with contemorary development issues. I regularly recommend it to Development Studies students.

S Musoke   25 September 2010

What about Peter Saunders' Blog, CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship (

Dr James   27 September 2010

Thanks - have now added Peter Saunders'

John Hayward   27 September 2010

Deeper insight-Social Concerns Biblically rooted-A perspective that demands a Paradigm shift-The voice of Asia for the World
I vote for Vinoth.

Sathish Simon   27 September 2010

I reckon Douglas Wilson's blog 'blog and mablog' really ought to be in the running.

pete   11 October 2010

Thanks, Pete - has now been added.

John Hayward   11 October 2010

I'd have though Gareth Davies from CARE counts for a lot of political engagement:

dave   16 October 2010

Or here:

dave   16 October 2010

I would recommend London-based Douglas Knight:

Chris   18 October 2010

Thanks, Dave and Chris, for your nominations, now added.

John Hayward   19 October 2010

check out white horse in with mike horton, also renewing your mind with rc sproul

pip   20 October 2010

Pip, I have added White Horse Inn but the poll is now full, so Ligonier Ministries, the teaching fellowship of R.C.Sproul, will have to wait for next year's poll! Voting will now close in two weeks.

John Hayward   20 October 2010

john van dinther   29 October 2010

Friends !
Then also I voted, secret!?
No. of Albert Mohler ....!


Rolf Ö   16 November 2010


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