Book Review: Glory days by Julian Hardyman

Reviewed by Jason Fletcher

I have to say, I love this short book by Julian Hardyman. Space prohibits me from telling you why you can’t trust me to be objective.[1] But let me tell you, nevertheless, why you should read Glory Days and recommend it to as many people as you can.glory days

For a start, it is only 158 pages and is written in an engaging and amusing style. Each chapter has discussion questions, so it’s good for small groups too. Despite its brevity and easy manner, Glory Days conveys a profound and liberating message.

Glory Days matters because of the persistence of an ancient misconception – that the spiritual is good and the material bad. That growing in relationship with God is so important that this world pales into insignificance. That only saving souls has lasting value and nothing else has intrinsic worth.

Most of us reject this ‘sacred–secular divide’ in principle but many of us have been discouraged by the subtle, or not so subtle, ways it manages to creep into our churches, often more by what is not said than by what is.

Glory Days tackles this head on. In part 1 Julian goes through the biblical story – creation, fall, redemption and re-creation – showing what God made us for and what he saves us to become. Alongside the second great commission[2] stands the first: to fill, rule and develop the earth to all of our and its God-given potential.[3] God, after all, made us human and wants us to flourish as we live all of life under the lordship of Christ.

This means, as Julian shows in part 2, that it is entirely possible to bring glory to God as I sit here and type, or attend a team meeting, or ride my bike home, or visit an asylum seeker in detention, or play with my children, or talk theology with my neighbour, or do DIY this weekend, or go for a walk, or tend my vegetable garden, or go to church, or watch a movie. All of them, equally, matter to God.

This is an uplifting, life-affirming, joyful book. And as we embrace the abundant life God has for us (because it is the right thing to do), the way of Christ will become far more attractive.

Glory Days: Living the whole of your life for Jesus by Julian Hardyman, IVP, 2006 (RRP £6.99).

[1]See p.102 of Glory Days for a start.

[2]Matt. 28:19.

[3]Gen. 1:28.


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September, 2006

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