Christian Social Reformers series: Lesslie Newbigin

Newbigin event, 6th June 2016

Few thinkers have helped the church understand and engage postmodern Western culture as much as Lesslie Newbigin – and there is still plenty we can learn from him today.

Come and join Dr Paul Weston on June 6th as he shares about the life and impact of theologian, author & missionary Lesslie Newbigin. After spending 40 years as a missionary in India, Newbigin returned to the UK and became a pioneer in thinking through the missionary challenge facing churches in the contemporary West, writing books such as ‘Foolishness to the Greeks’ and ‘The Gospel in a Pluralist Society’. Lesslie Newbigin originally trained as a minister at Westminster College in Cambridge, and Paul Weston has recently established the Newbigin Centre down the road in Ridley Hall.

: Rev Dr Paul Weston
: the Jubilee Lounge
Date: Monday 6th June, 6.30 – 8.00pm
Refreshments will be served

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June, 2016

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