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Christianity: the true humanism

Jon Thompson   Posted: 7 January 2013

Keywords: Christianity & Religion, Worldviews & Culture,

This paper argues that Christianity is the most coherent form of humanism. By contrast, secular humanism is historically and philosophically dependent upon Christianity's view of the human person. In a survey of the origins, emergence and development of secular humanism, this paper explores that historical connection before examining some of the implications which flow from a divorce of human values from Christian belief.

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This essay is excellent. A 30,000 foot view that is clear, concise, and, it seems to me, accurate. If there are academic responses, I would love to read them. I would love to hear more from Mr. Thompson in the future.

Jonathan Lenning   16 January 2013

I concur with Jonathan. A very clear and articulate paper, which I have just recommended to a friend. It strikes an usually useful balance of detail and current relevance, alongside consumable and memorable history, leaving the reader with enough anchors in the text to make reference and return as necessary in conversation and correspondence.

Mike Causey   15 May 2013


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