Education in the Bible: a starting point for discussion by Guy Brandon

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This draft report summarises our research to date on education in the Bible. Starting from first principles, it aims to shed light on how education is approached in the Bible, including the vital question of its ultimate purpose.

Surveying the different attitudes and approaches through biblical history, with particular emphasis on the Wisdom literature, it concludes by making some tentative suggestions for application in our own education system.

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January, 2013

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  1. john armstrong says:

    Hello Mr Brandon
    First of all thank you for writing this article, I enjoyed it very much. I am a teacher and a church elder in Belfast and as a church community we are currently seeking to discuss, on a wide level, the role of parenting (based on a Holy Brompton parenting course). As both a parent and an educator this article proved extremely useful as I have no doubt that the roles of schools and education will enter our discussions, at least I would hope so. I personally find certain current state policies regarding education both alarming and without challenge. Policy, in my opinion, is seemingly aiming to diminish parents responsibility for educating their own children in many and all aspects whilst passing this burden of responsibility onto the public sectors.
    Apart from thanking you, I was writing to ask if you have other articles on this subject, could you recommend any by other authors and are you currently researching answers to your closing further questions in this article?
    Thank you again
    John Armstrong

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