Engage – January 2015

Engage Jan15 web versionEngage is Jubilee Centre’s quarterly newsletter, mailed out to over 4,000 people.

The contents of the January issue include:

  • What manner of hope?  Preparing for whatever 2015 holds
  • Weighing in on Obesity – our latest ‘thinking aloud’ piece
  • Thinking Biblically About… Sunday – the second of our TBA series of pamphlets
  • Votewise 2015 book launch – reporting on the successful event in Parliament in November
  • Prodigal Stewards: the looming government debt crisis – introducing our new Cambridge paper
  • Introducing Emily Shurmer, our Supporter Relations Administrator
  • ‘More than a Bailout’ – news of a high level European consultation which Jubilee Centre is spearheading
  • Upcoming event: the Bible & Biodiversity

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January, 2015

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  1. Phil Schluter says:

    I have just received my copy of Engage and read the article on ‘Weighing in on obesity’.
    I run a coffee business, and I am very aware of the negative impact which low coffee prices have on the farmers who produce it. I can also see that low prices drive quality down. I am sure that the case is the same across most food items. I am equally amazed at how many godly Christians I know seem to shop purely to keep their food costs as low as possible – even at times going to 3 different supermarkets to do the weekly shop at the lowest possible price. I think that there is little recognition that doing this has a negative impact on so many who produce and supply their food, and also means that the quality of food they consume is low, and will be driven lower as suppliers look for ways to meet the continuous demand for lower prices.
    Perhaps resolving to eat less of a higher quality, and pay more for it, would do good to consumers and producers alike,
    Phil Schluter

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