English riots: A sign of the times?

by John Hayward

So, Parliament has been recalled in response to rioting in England to allow MPs to ‘stand together in condemnation of these crimes and to stand together in determination to rebuild these communities.’

Supposedly, the riots were sparked three days ago by the killing on 4th August of twenty-nine-year-old father-of-four Mark Duggan by armed police during an attempted arrest in Tottenham. But what has prompted what the Metropolitan Police have described as a wave of ‘copycat criminal activity’?

Well, if politics professor and pastor Dale Kuehne is to be believed, such actions should not surprise us, for our behaviour as a society has become incoherent. ‘The problem is,’ he says, ‘you can’t live in a world where people can do as they please and have it hang together coherently. There’s only one school of philosophy that would let you do that – that’s anarchism.’ Current trends, he insists, must lead us either to even more widespread anarchy or else to totalitarianism. Here’s what he warned us over a year ago, months even before the violence of the student protests:


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August, 2011

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