FACM 2016

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Forming a Christian Mind (FACM) explores how the Christian faith interacts with personal and academic development. It aims to help postgraduates and post-docs to develop their capacity to think biblically about their discipline and address the tensions between secular and Christian perspectives on their subject, both in the university and in wider society.

FACM is an annual conference in Cambridge, organised by Jubilee Centre together with Christian Heritage, Cambridge Papers, Christian Graduate Society, KLICE and The Faraday Institute.

The event is primarily for postgraduates and younger scholars who are researching or teaching in an academic discipline; however anyone who is pursuing an academic career in other ways is most welcome.

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Christ Church, Christchurch St., Cambridge CB1 1HT (close to the Grafton Centre)

Programme for Saturday 19th November 2016

10.30 Registration
10.50 Welcome and opening remarks (Jonathan Tame, Director of Jubilee Centre)
11.00 Plenary lecture and discussion: The Cultural Mandate, the Great Commission and the University through the lens of Genesis 1-3 with Prof John Lennox (Part 1)
12.00 Plenary lecture and discussion with John Lennox (Part 2)

13.00 Lunch – participants bring their own

14.00 Seminar streams (more details below):
a) Gender and Free Speech: the emerging challenges with Rev Dr Mike Ovey (Principal of Oak Hill College)
b) Freedom in the Sciences: Shaping the Agenda Dr Ruth Bancewicz (The Faraday Institute)

15.00 Break-out groups by discipline
16.00 Tea break and networking, with display stands and resources from supporting organisations

16.30 Report back to plenary group
17.15 Call to action
17.30 Formal close – option to continue discussions in the pub

Tea, coffee and refreshments will be provided. The conference is free, and there will be an opportunity to make a donation towards costs on the day.

Details of the semainar options are as follows:

a) The humanities require the study and celebration of humanity, which, by definition God created male and female. However, academics today find themselves caught in the tension between the Christian tradition of the freedom of academic enquiry (and hence, free speech), and the increasing political and social pressure to affirm contemporary agendas surrounding gender identity. After tracing each tradition in turn, Mike Ovey will help us to prepare for future trends, and suggest biblical intellectual approaches to gender issues within the humanities which will help us both engage more fruitfully as academics within the current climate, and also allow us privately to show how these issues shed light on the hope of the gospel for academics.

b) Creation, bioethics, the environment, neuroscience… Christians are often asked to respond to debates about science and faith. These discussions are important, but are they the full story for a Christian working in science? Ruth Bancewicz will elaborate how for many successful researchers, the findings of science are not just complementary to faith, but they can help that faith to grow and mature. Faith, in turn, contributes to the unique questions a scientist asks about their data and what it means in a wider context. What are the questions of meaning and purpose that today’s science is raising? How can we be involved in creating places where these questions are discussed? By going out on the front foot, we can start new conversations that get to the heart of the matter of what it means to be both a scientist and a Christian.

The conference is free but registration is essential.  Please register on Eventbrite here.

Videos from FACM in 2014 can be viewed here.

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