Book Review: The Rescue Mission by Pete Atkinson

frontcoverfinalReviewed by Auriel Schluter

“Tears cascade incessantly from the blood-shot, pain stained eyes of the three friends huddled together…..” Is how Pete Atkinson’s book Rescue Mission begins. I had picked it up off the book table and by the end of page one I was hooked. I had not expected an overview of the Bible to grab my emotions and yet it had and I was engaged – turning pages as fast as I would a favourite novel. Pete sets out to present the Bible story from beginning to end just as a novel would read with the author aware of the big plot that we as readers only discover piece by piece. It is creative and highly imaginative yet still remains true to scripture.

The ‘three friends’ are the Trinity. We know the Trinitarian God is central to the story yet rarely do people attempt to write them in like Pete has done, exploring their relationship with each other and the world they created. The heart of the Godhead is explored and tugs at our heart strings as we read. Only for a section did I find myself losing the emotional connection as Pete uses a more static context to painstakingly trace the prophetic messages, but he is soon back to his original page-turning style as we enter the New Testament and race to a poetic climax.

If you have struggled to read the Bible and find it exciting, or wondered what God was up to and how it all fitted together, or even never tried to read it at all, try this and see. Don’t be put off by the cover illustration. Dip into the first page and see if it draws you in to God’s story and his heart as told in the Bible. As Ian Cooper suggests on the back, this book is a genre all of its own.


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January, 2014

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