Free to Live by Guy Brandon

If we can put its message into practice, we will make a difference not just to our lives but the lives of many others.Noel Richards, songwriter and worship leader
This important and counter-cultural book demands nothing less than loving Christ in all we do.Rev Richard Cunningham, Director of UCCF: The Christian Unions

free to live FC

In these economically constrained times, the Bible’s emphasis on freedom and love offers both relief from the burdens we carry and a radical new way to live. The release from slavery and debt that lay at the heart of Israel’s cycle of Jubilee celebrations reveals that the whole of the Law and Prophets, as fulfilled by Christ, is about loving God and loving our neighbour. But in practice it’s difficult not to be influenced by consumerism and individualism. How do we guard against this? How can we apply our faith in practical ways? What disciplines may we put in place to help us worship God in every area of our lives?

Encompassing the breadth of all the research that the Jubilee Centre has undertaken over more than quarter of a century, and serving as a companion volume to Jubilee Manifesto, this is a very practical guide to applying our faith to every area of our lives – not just the most obvious ones but also the thousands of seemingly trivial financial, emotional, spiritual and relational exchanges with which our days are filled.

We have developed a course for small group study based on the themes in the book. The Participants Manual and Leaders Guide are available to download for free, or printed copies can be purchased.

Click for Participants Manual

Click for Leaders Guide here

The book is currently out of print, but second hand copies are usually available on Amazon Marketplace.



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April, 2010

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