Booklet Review: Jubilee Roadmap by Guy Brandon

A biblical roadmap for the 21st centuryRoadmapdesaturated

The way we think about our culture’s political, economic and social problems is flawed and confused. Society is not made up of distinct elements we can treat in isolation from each other. How we view one idea – the state; property ownership; the economy; the health of our communities; welfare; employment conditions; families; the justice system – affects all the others. They are interlocking concerns and require an integrated approach, whether in our personal lives or in public policy.

The Jubilee Centre believes that the Bible describes such a coherent vision for society – one that has enduring relevance for Britain and the world in the twenty-first century. At the heart of this vision is the requirement for right relationships: a theme that gives us a comprehensive framework for reassessing our priorities.

The Jubilee Roadmap is available for purchase here!



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June, 2012

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