Jubilee Centre’s new home

New office entrance 3Jubilee Centre relocated in July 2015 following the sale of Jubilee House, which has housed our offices in a residential part of Cambridge for the past 29 years. Our move to the centre of the city offers us two strategic advantages:

Firstly, the proximity to the Cambridge colleges and city centre churches will bring us closer to Christians in the university, both students and staff, and with people working in the city. This will lead to more direct engagement with emerging leaders both from Britain and around the world.

Secondly, it will pave the way for a closer collaboration with some of the other Christian organisations which are also helping people in the university and city to think biblically about issues in society, or their academic discipline or profession.

In order to make the most of these opportunities for strengthening our mission and impact, we are setting up a dedicated multi-purpose room – the Jubilee Lounge – where we can invite people to engage with us in five main ways:

 The Jubilee Lounge:

HospitalityHospitality: Extending a welcome and building relationships, inviting people to ‘come and see’ displays illustrating the biblical vision for society and the work of Jubilee Centre.

Events iconEvents: Hosting lunchtime talks on thinking biblically about academic disciplines, the workplace, or major issues in the news; hosting art exhibitions and other events illustrating the Bible’s relational message and its application today.

Community iconCommunity: Offering members a place to read, study, think and talk though issues with friends old and new – and to develop new Christian social reform initiatives in collaboration with like-minded organisations in Cambridge.

Training icon   Training: Running courses and workshops, and making video recordings for wider audiences through our website and online learning community.

Connection iconConnection: Strengthening Jubilee Centre’s international partnerships by means of a CISCO video conferencing system.

More information about the resources, opening times and events in the Jubilee Lounge will be posted once they are finalised. Meanwhile we are especially grateful to all our supporters who have made generous contributions towards the costs of relocating our administrative offices and setting up the Jubilee Lounge!

What others have to say:

“I thoroughly commend the vision for a Jubilee Lounge in Cambridge. With our culture opening up again to new moral and spiritual visions, there has never been a more opportune time for the Jubilee Centre to extend its biblically transformative social vision to yet new audiences – students, lay Christians in many walks of life, and, located in the heart of the city, hopefully many outside the church too.  KLICE would be an enthusiastic supporter and partner in the project.” Jonathan Chaplin, Director of Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics

“There is immense potential for Christian contribution to society in general and the university in particular. Nowhere is this more true than in Cambridge. But if Christians are to be at the heart of the conversation they need significant space in the centre of the city – both for working together and reaching out. The collaborative plans of Jubilee Centre are an exciting next step in this journey.”   Timothy Laurence, Veritas Forum European director, former London Chairman of Lawyers Christian Fellowship

New office entrance 1“Christian Heritage endorses the Jubilee Centre’s desire to offer a place for dialogue in the centre of Cambridge on how the Christian faith shapes our academic and professional work.  We look forward to collaborating with them in this venture.” David Illman, co-director of Christian Heritage

Our new address is:

St Andrews House, 59 St Andrews Street, Cambridge CB2 3BZ.  The phone number stays the same – 01223 566319.

We hope to have the Jubilee Lounge open for the start of the academic year in October.

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August, 2015

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