Long Distance Christian series available free online

The Long Distance Christian series takes an in-depth look at significant issues in society today, analyses them from a biblical perspective, and recommends responses at the individual, organisational and public policy levels.

All eight of our 10,000 word booklets are now available to read and download for free.

Titles in the series:

  1. The Jubilee Roadmap: Finding our way in the 21st Century
  2. Immigration and Justice: How local churches can change the debate on immigration in Britain
  3. Crumbling Foundations: A biblical critique of modern money
  4. The Resilient Business: Embedding Christian values in your company’s DNA
  5. Catholic Social Teaching and Relational Thinking: Two perspectives on Christian social engagement
  6. Shining in the Sun: A biblical vision for city transformation
  7. Artificially Intelligent? Grappling with the myths, present realities and future trajectories of AI
  8. Just Pay: A biblical perspective on the ethics of remuneration

Praise for the Long Distance Christian series:

Any serious minded Christian who takes heed of Micah 6:8 should read The Jubilee Roadmap. It is a well-thought, comprehensive, Biblical model for promoting a holistic view for all of society. The church should applaud the theological research, and follow the economic leadership and expertise of the Jubilee Centre in its relational value for human flourishing. David Illman, co-director of Christian Heritage
Crumbling Foundations is an excellent primer on what money is, and what we mean by ‘the monetary system’. It makes something enormously complex much easier to grasp, and suggests several practical options for monetary reform. Dr Eve Poole, Chairman of Faith in Business, Ridley Hall
Businesses operate in a market system that needs to be regulated to provide it with moral direction and constraint. But the painful experience of the last decade underlines that regulation alone is not enough. Change is needed at the heart level that reintroduces a concern for others in the ways we trade, create and share wealth. This study, while clearly limited in scope, illustrates very well how those who carry a relational ethos at the heart of their business will in some measure contribute to the flourishing of all of their stakeholders. Its recommendations should be required reading for those already at the helm or thinking of a start-up.  James Featherby, Chair, Church of England Ethical Investment Advisory Group
Informative, authoritative, insightful and practically orientated – I wholeheartedly endorse this paper which provides a helpful, theologically informed roadmap for the rapidly changing world of AI. Essential reading for church leaders and all those who wish to understand and engage with the challenges which lie ahead. Professor John Wyatt, Professor Emeritus of Ethics & Perinatology, University College London
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March, 2018

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