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GeorgiaGeorgia Snyder is a second year student at Durham University, and has just changed course to theology. She recently spent two weeks as a volunteer at the Jubilee Centre, writing a blog on care reforms and creating an infographic to accompany our forthcoming booklet on Immigration and Justice. We asked her to reflect on her experience.

How has your time here influenced your thinking about the Bible and society?

The work of the Jubilee Centre is the first I have experienced of an undiluted gospel being poured directly onto the open sores of society. I have been challenged in my way of thinking as I have been shown how relevant the Bible really is! Often our focus as Christians is on how to adapt the Bible in a way that society can understand and appreciate. But now I’m thinking, the Bible has all the answers as it is, so how can we be more honest and humble in our way of evaluating society, and consider how we can shape our decision making more around the word of God?

What value do you think the Jubilee Centre brings to the Church?

I am greatly encouraged by the work of the Jubilee Centre and their commitment to bringing a relevant biblical perspective to every aspect of daily living. Their research behind the scenes is very thorough and deeply rooted in scripture and yet the discoveries are communicated in a very accessible manner, without depriving the content of truth and depth.

The Jubilee Centre has an amazing role in not only helping believers to better understand and apply the word of God to their everyday lives, but also showing society that the Bible offers positive and practical steps forward on a community, national and international level. The Jubilee Centre’s focus on biblical application gives it a unique role in terms of being able to get to the heart of a wide spectrum of issues, and to offer relevant and practical advice to help Christians move towards the lifestyle that God created us for.

How relevant is this to the student world?

Even just two weeks with the Jubilee Centre has given me such a refreshed perspective on the way God intended us to abide in his word. I would love to see Christian Unions across University campuses using the work of the Jubilee Centre as a tool to take the word to every academic department, showing the relevance of Christ.

Christian Unions receive great material from UCCF, which is incredibly valuable. But the Jubilee Centre seems to offer something even more relevant and combining the contributions of UCCF and Jubilee Centre could really change the way CUs can reach out to the student body, as well as the wider local community.

How do think we could engage more with Christians in your generation?

I would love to see Christians in my generation applying biblical truths to their lifestyles. For example the ‘Keep Sunday Special’ campaign could revolutionise the way our generation work. Imagine if we could be a generation that treasured the gift of Sabbath, to remind ourselves that God comes first, even above degrees, good jobs and future successes! At university I find it really difficult that most sports matches happen on a Sunday morning. I absolutely love my sport and being part of a team, but I can’t be a committed member of the sports team as well as being a committed and integrated member of my church. Christians in the student world could have a big influence here by helping others understand the importance of Sunday and it would be amazing one day to see Sunday kept free from compulsory activities on university timetables.

Christians in my generation don’t have many things to help them show that Christianity is up-to-date with the way the world is changing. The message and resources of the Jubilee Centre could be vital in helping younger Christians understand that the word of God is not like any other book that goes out of date. God speaks through it today – it is extremely relevant, bursting with new life every day and can be applied to every aspect of our lives. What a miraculous gift we have been given from God!

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August, 2014

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