Crash Recovery

Posted: 14 November 2012

Trinity Hall Lecture Theatre
22nd Nov 2012, 5-7 pm

The effects of the worst financial crisis in living memory are still around us. But how can we reverse the failings that led to such scandals as News International's phone hacking, GSK's $3 billion drugs fine, and the manipulation of LIBOR? Do we need more regulation, better leadership, increased ethics training? Or is it more about personal morality, better targeted incentives?

Former corporate lawyer in the City and author of Of Markets and Men, Cambridge graduate James Featherby will argue that our finance reflects our philosophy. Finding inspiration in biblical wisdom, he will suggest how we can reshape our institutions in ways that are more relational, holistic, neighbourly, adventurous, purposeful, humble and principled. A panel of other distinguished figures from the world of business and finance will respond.

This inspiring and provocative event will include networking and discussion and is supported by Transforming Business, the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics, the Jubilee Centre, and Christian Heritage, all based in Cambridge.

Everyone is welcome but registration essential - please contact Peter Heslam of Transforming Business ( on

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