Online Course Begins 6th January

Biblical Foundations for Public Leadership 2019

Do you struggle to connect the ancient world of the Bible with the economic, social and political challenges of the 21st century? Would you like to deepen your insight and understanding of the biblical vision for society and its contemporary application?

Every year, we offer Christians an online course of study that provides biblical foundations for public life – whether it’s the arts, politics, the economy or education. It’s a flexible programme across one year, combining personal reading, small group discussion and reflective essays, designed to fit around busy, working life. The course begins again on 6th January 2019.

Programme structure:

The curriculum is based on Jubilee Centre’s research and teaching developed over the last 30 years. It unpacks the biblical vision for society, and introduces the idea of thinking relationally in different areas of society. Through the programme, participants will grow in understanding and confidence as to how the Bible can influence and shape public life for the common good.

The online course comprises eight modules, each with four lessons: Biblical Foundations, The Economy, Politics, Justice & Law, Welfare, Family & Sexual Ethics, Science & Technology and The Arts. In July, participants gather for the Social Reformers’ Summer School in Cambridge, where they can work on applying what they have been learning in their own context.

For more information, please visit the website, or email the course director Philip Powell at

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What participants say:

“The course has really enhanced and transformed my worldview. I feel like we really can be credible influencers and leaders in our spheres of work, academics and ministry, whilst still being deeply committed Christians and deeply committed to a Christian worldview—there’s no need to compromise those things. God really does lay out a holistic plan and pattern for society; it’s been a great experience for me.” Annika Greco, Lebanon

“The online course has brought into focus the need to question and challenge the societal paradigms we often accept as the only way, and has provided an alternative perspective that is compelling and weighty.” Jonny Middleton, UK

“Learning with the Jubilee Centre has been a revelation: it is possible to not merely strive for social reform as a Christian, but to think Christianly about social reform.” Jonathan van Tongeren, the Netherlands

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December, 2018

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