Online course starts on 16th October

Biblical Foundations for Public Leadership 2017-18

This innovative programme trains early-career Christians via an online course over 8 months followed by a four-day Summer School in Cambridge. The curriculum is based on Jubilee Centre’s research and teaching developed over the last 30 years. It unpacks the biblical vision for society, and introduces the idea of thinking relationally in different areas of society. Through the programme, participants will grow in understanding and confidence as to how the Bible can influence and shape public life for the common good.

Programme structure

banner-design-smallThe online course comprises seven modules, each with four lessons.  The ‘blended learning’ approach combines personal study with periodic Skype discussions and reflective essays. After the online course has been completed, participants gather for the Social Reformers’ Summer School in Cambridge, where they can work on applying what they have been learning in their own context.

The next course starts 16th October 2017 and the course fee is £240; click here to register.

Any further enquiries can be sent to the course director Philip Powell at

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“The content of this course and the rich discussions with fellow participants from around the world made space for me to engage in different questions and challenge my perspectives.  Rather than provide a prescribed set of actions to change the world, the course deepened my understanding and the clarity with which I follow Christ. I’m more confident of how the law and the prophets speak into the systems of society: health, justice, law, economics, trade, business, governance, infrastructure, science and technology, all of which are woven together through relationships.” Mercedes McGuire, Canada



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September, 2017

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