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“The Jubilee online learning course has brought into focus the need to question and challenge the societal paradigms we often accept as the only way, and has provided an alternative perspective that is compelling and weighty.”   Jonny Middleton

SONY DSCOver the years the Jubilee Centre has run winter schools, conferences and other events to help people explore the biblical vision for society more deeply.  These events have benefitted a few tens of people mostly in the UK, but by making our training available online we can equip many hundreds of Christians in Britain and abroad to study and reflect together on the theology and practice of social transformation.

We’re not just offering impersonal online courses: we want people to learn relationally, which is why everyone who registers will have the option to join a small group and become part of our Jubilee Learning Community.

The first step is to sign up to do the Foundation Module, which introduces the Bible’s social vision and principles of Relational Thinking.  Our online modules last one month, and consist of four units.  Units are made up of five or six learning resources, which are videos, articles and Jubilee Centre papers that can be accessed online.  Each week you will spend around 90 minutes studying these resources, then you will participate in an online live discussion of 6-8 people to explore further what you have read over the previous days.

Next Course:

The most recent online Foundational Module ran over the month of February 2015.

The fee for each module is £16, and we continue to develop the online content.  For people who have completed the Foundational Module, there is an opportunity to take another module from among Capitalism, Government & human rights, and Family & sexual ethics.  More modules will become available during 2015.

If you are interested in signing up for an online course and joining the Jubilee Learning Community, please email Philip Powell, our Training Manager.

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November, 2014

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  1. laramsang infimate says:

    I love reading your articles all the time.I would like to attend your regular one month courses after march next year as i have not yet made my passport.I collect and compile the articles you email into a “treasure”.Due to my official duties,i may not be able to attend your online courses.I am a civil servant in manipur state of India.Reading your articles is always the best of experiences and previledges.Thanking you always.

    Regards in Christ

  2. kusum raina says:

    I want to join this online study course

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