Reality Checkpoint: a film on the four big ‘-ism’s

A day in the life of young graduate Dave illustrates how some of the core ideas of individualism and consumerism (philosophies at the personal level) and capitalism and statism (ideologies at society level) play out in everyday life.  After four conversations between Dave and a smug bank manager, pushy phone salesman, ambitious girlfriend and philosophical barlady, the actors discuss an alternative way of thinking about society – in which we put relationships first.

We have made this film as a way of introducing Relational Thinking to new audiences. This is the framework which Jubilee Centre and its sister organisations (especially Relationships Foundation and Relational Research) have developed over the years to translate the biblical vision for society into the secular, pluralistic context of public life in the 21st century.

The full length film is 23 minutes long, and the five sections can be viewed as stand-alone films of 4-6 minutes each, with a discussion guide at the end for individual reflection or as a resource for small groups.

The five sections of the film can be viewed separately here:

  1. Welcome to Capitalism
  2. You Deserve It: Consumerism
  3. It’s All About Me: Individualism
  4. All In This Together: The Big State
  5. Is There a Better Way?


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August, 2013

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