Reformation Anniversary: ‘Martin Luther’ Nails Our 95 New Theses

On 31st October, marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, a crowd gathered to witness ‘Martin Luther’ nailing our 95 New Theses to the doors of The Round Church, Cambridge.

The medieval Round Church was the perfect setting for Martin Luther (Matthew Ward, HistoryNeedsYou) to post on the church’s historic doors a list of 95 brand new theses, submitted by individuals from across the world as part of our Reformation 2017 initiative.

“This collection of new theses draws inspiration from Luther’s historic act as a whistle-blower within the Roman Catholic Church,” says Calum Samuelson, project manager at the Jubilee Centre. “We’ve been encouraging people to think about the big issues in society today and what the church can do about them. With over 100 submissions, this impressive collection represents a great deal of careful thinking and we were thrilled to mark the completion of the project with a touch of historical drama.”

The ’95 New Theses’ will be displayed in an exhibition inside the Round Church, Cambridge until Saturday 11th November. You can also read and comment on the 95 new theses through our Reformation 2017 website.

Nailing the 95 New Theses

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October, 2017

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