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3 Theories of Everything photograph

3 Theories of Everything

Ellis Potter, April 2014

Price: £7.50

Former Buddhist monk and jazz musician Ellis Potter seeks to explain three major worldviews today in his masterfully concise book, '3 Theories of Everything'. The three worldviews are monism, dualism and trinitarianism, and Ellis explores how each tries to account for what has gone wrong in the world and how it can be put right. We highly recommend this beautiful, engaging book, which will help you understand other worldviews and share your faith with those who hold them. It also makes an excellent gift for people who are open to eastern and new age spirituality.

Keywords: Christianity & Religion, Worldviews & Culture

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The Rescue Mission photograph

The Rescue Mission

Pete Atkinson, November 2013

Price: £7.99

A re-telling of the Bible's grand narrative from the perspective of the Trinity, this book by Pete Atkinson of Christian Heritage in Cambridge is a gripping, thrilling, emotional page-turner.

Read Auriel Schluter's review of the book here, and you can buy the book post-free (if you have a UK address) cheaper than on Amazon!

Keywords: Christianity & Religion

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The Jubilee Roadmap photograph

The Jubilee Roadmap

Guy Brandon, February 2013

Price: £2.95

This booklet offers a brief but comprehensive introduction to the Jubilee Centre's work - a kind of 'primer' to our thinking.

The Jubilee Roadmap shows two alternative directions of travel for eight major themes in biblical law: Family, Property, Community, Government, Finance and the Economy, Welfare, Rest, and Justice. One direction reflects the prevailing thinking based on individualism, while the other - the road less travelled - points towards a society based on good and right relationships. The booklet explores the differences between our modern secular approach and the biblical ideal, and how we might start to move from one to the other.


Keywords: Christianity & Religion, Crime & Justice, Finance & the Economy, Government & Foreign Affairs, Sex & Families, Worldviews & Culture

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After Capitalism: Rethinking Economic Relationships photograph

After Capitalism: Rethinking Economic Relationships

Paul Mills and Michael Schluter, May 2012

Price: £8.50

Jubilee Centre is pleased to launch this new and timely book:

"The problems of economics are not of a mathematical nature - and so cannot be cured by mathematics. It is the philosophy, the questions of the soul, that must be addressed. This book offers a fine immersion in exactly that."

Dr Tomas Sedlacek - Member of the Czech Republic's National Economic Council and former adviser to Vaclav Havel


The world is set to be in financial turmoil for some years to come. Searching questions are being asked about the future of Capitalism in the light of the European debt crisis, excessive levels of executive pay, short termism in share trading, and the dominance of the financial economy over the real economy of goods and services.

The fall of Communism left Capitalism as the only show in town; as it grows increasingly unfit for purpose, where do we go next? This book (which is a collection of previously-published Cambridge Papers) seeks to rethink the foundations of a market economy and argues that the Bible's central theme of relationships is the key to rebuilding a system that promotes economic well-being, financial stability and social cohesion.

Keywords: Christianity & Religion, Finance & the Economy, Government & Foreign Affairs, Lifestyle Issues

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From Generation 2 Generation photograph

From Generation 2 Generation

Edited by Hannah Petra, May 2012

Price: £4.99

Jubilee Centre is very pleased to announce the publication of From Generation 2 Generation. This book is a fully updated and revised edition of From Generation to Generation, a work written 20 years ago when issues of care in later life were already attracting concern. It explores the significant hardships facing older people and their carers in the UK today, before re-evaluating these through a biblical lens. By first exploring the Old and New Testaments' norms and values around later life and then translating and applying this framework to our own situation, the authors offer some profound insights into how we might begin to address the challenges facing us over the coming years.

As the proportion and number of older people in our population continue to increase, a unique combination of factors has come together to create a 'perfect storm' around issues of care in later life. Improvements in healthcare have meant that life expectancy has risen by around fifteen years since the end of the Second World War, and in the last year the Baby Boom generation - those born in the two decades since the war - have begun to retire. As they do so, a large and comparatively wealthy cohort of people will move from being taxpayers to become net recipients from the state, supported by a shrinking workforce. This inverted pyramid of provision takes place against a backdrop of economic stagnation and public spending cuts.

This book challenges us individually, as a society and as the Church.

Keywords: Christianity & Religion, Health, Lifestyle Issues, Sex & Families

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God, Justice, and Society photograph

God, Justice, and Society

Jubilee Centre, May 2012

Price: FREE

Any book on Biblical Law that manages to work into its chapter sub-headings the titles of contemporary films, tv programmes and the title of a Pink Floyd track has surely got to be worth a look?

God, Justice and Society is written by Dr Jonathan Burnside who is Reader in Biblical Law at Bristol University. He's also a Jubilee Centre trustee and author of ground-breaking work for Jubilee Centre such as Consent versus Community and Status and Welfare of Immigrants.

He says that "the goal of [God, Justice, and Society] is to explore aspects of law and legality in the Bible and to do so from the perspective of a modern lawyer." At 542 pages God, Justice, and Society looks a daunting read. This is a shame, because it's such a great and readable book with little that is impenetrable to the non-specialist.
Jonathan compares Biblical Law in the Old and New Testament with our modern law and highlights how the latter strongly reflects our individualistic society. This compares very unfavourably with Biblical Law which is fundamentally concerned with relationships and thus with addressing the impact that offences have on the whole community. It might be tempting for non-lawyers to think that this isn't relevant to them. But any discussion of criminal justice, of dealing with sexual offences and ethics, or consideration of property rights or social welfare, will be better informed as to God's heart for these issues through reading this book.

While society around us pillories Biblical Law as primitive, reading Jonathan's book acts as a real antidote, demonstrating how full of God's grace and wisdom Biblical Law really is.

If you still feel that the book is too much to read (and even though our paperback edition is only ?£19.99 including UK postage) then please look at this overview of the book by Will Kynes on The Kirby Laing Institute For Christian Ethics website. We also have more information on the book here and Jonathan Burnside has a website full of associated resources (including a study guide) here.

Best of all, read it for yourself by buying the book here.

Keywords: Christianity & Religion, Crime & Justice, Government & Foreign Affairs

God, Justice, and Society: Aspects of Law and Legality in the Bible photograph

God, Justice, and Society: Aspects of Law and Legality in the Bible

Jonathan Burnside , January 2011

Price: £19.99

Out now - EXCLUSIVE to Jubilee Centre!

What is the real meaning of 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth'? Where did the idea for the 'Jubilee 2000' and 'Drop the Debt' campaigns come from? And what, really, are the 'Ten Commandments'? Exploring aspects of law in the Bible, from the patriarchal narratives in the Hebrew Bible through to the trials of Jesus in the New Testament, Dr Burnside's 584-page book

  • Explores the subject of biblical law, which is foundational for understanding Western civilisation and the history of Western law
  • Discusses how biblical law works in relation to different areas including the environment, property, social welfare, homicide, theft, and marriage
  • Challenges popular misunderstandings about the story of Mount Sinai and the giving of the Ten Commandments, as well as the interpretation of specific verses such as 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.'

This softback edition is available exclusively from the Jubilee Centre. For the hardback edition, visit OUP's website. A holistic teaching website to support this book, containing a downloadable study guide, podcasts and other resources, is available at

Keywords: Christianity & Religion, Crime & Justice, Lifestyle Issues, Sex & Families, The Environment

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Free to Live: Expressing the love of Christ in an age of debt  photograph

Free to Live: Expressing the love of Christ in an age of debt

Guy Brandon, April 2010

Price: £8.50

Jubilee Centre is delighted to introduce its life-changing new book:

'This important and counter-cultural book demands nothing less than loving Christ in all we do.' (Rev Richard Cunningham, Director of UCCF: The Christian Unions)

'If we can put its message into practice, we will make a difference not just to our lives but the lives of many others.' (Noel Richards, songwriter and worship leader)

In these economically constrained times, the Bible's emphasis on freedom and love offers both relief from the burdens we carry and a radical new way to live. The release from slavery and debt that lay at the heart of Israel's cycle of Jubilee celebrations reveals that the whole of the Law and Prophets, as fulfilled by Christ, is about loving God and loving our neighbour. But in practice it's difficult not to be influenced by consumerism and individualism. How do we guard against this? How can we apply our faith in practical ways? What disciplines may we put in place to help us worship God in every area of our lives?

Encompassing the breadth of all the research that the Jubilee Centre has undertaken over more than quarter of a century, and serving as a companion volume to Jubilee Manifesto, this is a very practical guide to applying our faith to every area of our lives - not just the most obvious ones but also the thousands of seemingly trivial financial, emotional, spiritual and relational exchanges with which our days are filled.

Keywords: Christianity & Religion, Finance & the Economy, Lifestyle Issues, Sex & Families, The Environment, Worldviews & Culture

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Christianity, Climate Change, and Sustainable Living (US edition) photograph

Christianity, Climate Change, and Sustainable Living (US edition)

Nick Spencer, Robert White and Virginia Vroblesky , December 2009

Price: £9.99

Amounts and patterns of consumption and production in the West have reached a level that cannot be maintained. Lifestyles based on our present way of creating and using energy are no longer environmentally sustainable-and are threatening the health and well-being of both planet and people. Our activities and the policies that shape them need to change.

In light of those realities, Spencer, White, and Vroblesky offer serious Christian engagement with the emerging issue of Sustainable Consumption and Production. They analyze the scientific, sociological, economic, and theological thinking that makes a Christian response to these trends imperative and distinctive. And they offer practical conclusions that explore and explain what can be done at the personal, community, national, and international levels to ensure that next generations will have the resources necessary for life.

Firmly rooted in the good news of the Christian faith, this is, above all, a constructive and hopeful book that offers a realistic vision of what the future could and should look like. It can be ordered for just $9.99 (instead of its retail price of $16.95) via

The original UK edition of the book can be ordered via the Jubilee Centre website, from where you can also download the accompanying Bible studies.

Keywords: The Environment

The Best Idea in the World: How putting relationships first transforms everything photograph

The Best Idea in the World: How putting relationships first transforms everything

Mark Greene, November 2009

Price: £6.00

The greatest commandment is to think relationally: “Love God. Love your neighbour.” In this compelling and liberating book, Mark Greene reveals its extraordinarily practical implications for every area of life, showing how putting relationships first in our thinking and living is not only a liberating basis for our personal lives but a robust and dynamic foundation for our society and our global community.

Keywords: Christianity & Religion, Lifestyle Issues

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