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Forming a Christian Mind 2014 photograph

Forming a Christian Mind 2014

Jubilee Centre, April 2014

Price: FREE

Connecting Faith and Academic Life

Our second annual conference for postgraduates and others seeking to connect biblical thinking and an academic or professional discipline is on 26th April 2014.

Keywords: Christianity & Religion, Education

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Interview with Philip Powell photograph

Interview with Philip Powell

Philip Powell, January 2014

Price: FREE

Interview with Philip Powell about the influence of the Jubilee Centre in his thinking and Christian life.

Keywords: Worldviews & Culture

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Forming a Christian Mind photograph

Forming a Christian Mind

Guy Brandon, May 2013

Price: FREE

Following our Forming a Christian Mind Conference in April, here is a transcript of the introductory talk by Guy Brandon.

Keywords: Christianity & Religion

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From Generation 2 Generation: celebrating 30 years of Pramacare photograph

From Generation 2 Generation: celebrating 30 years of Pramacare

Guy Brandon, May 2012

Price: FREE

A transcript of the address given at the start of Pramacare's conference on 17 May, 2012, celebrating their 30th anniversary. Pramacare generously funded the work on the fully revised and updated edition of From Generation 2 Generation. The book was completed thanks to the involvement of Jonathan Martin, who brought together the Jubilee Centre, the writing team and Pramacare through his organisation No Boundaries.

Keywords: Lifestyle Issues

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Debt, Interest, and Finance photograph

Debt, Interest, and Finance

John Hayward, March 2011

Price: FREE

The financial crisis working its way through the US and Europe, mutating as it goes, demonstrates once more the dangers that debt-based finance poses to savers and taxpayers.

Keywords: Christianity & Religion, Finance & the Economy

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Unmasking Witchcraft photograph

Unmasking Witchcraft

John Hayward, December 2010

Price: FREE

‘Magic’ and ‘sorcery’ conjure up images of Harry Potter, Disney’s Fantasia, or perhaps Macbeth. However, while modern secular society dismisses witchcraft, Dr Jonathan Burnside explains in our new Cambridge Paper, Covert Power, why we should take witchcraft seriously.

Keywords: Christianity & Religion

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End-Times Politics photograph

End-Times Politics

John Hayward, September 2010

Price: FREE

Eschatology is neither remote nor esoteric, but is highly relevant to Christian living. The ‘last days’ are here, the Messiah is reigning now at the right hand of God the Father, and Christians are to pray (as Jesus famously taught his disciples) for God’s will to be done right here, right now. The glory of God’s future kingdom critiques all our efforts but spurs us ever on to work out our obedience in all areas of life. 

Keywords: Christianity & Religion, Government & Foreign Affairs

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Legalisation of Assisted Suicide photograph

Legalisation of Assisted Suicide

John Hayward, June 2010

Price: FREE

The arguments for legalising assisted suicide and euthanasia are in the process of imperceptibly changing from a duty of compassion towards the suffering, into the right of self-destruction for the hopeless. They are predicated on a potent individualistic delusion of isolated autonomous choice, a refusal to acknowledge the reality of our mutual interconnectedness and interdependence as human beings in society. The principled opposition of our current law to homicide and assisted suicide provides an essential safeguard for carers, for the medical profession and for the elderly and vulnerable who may fear that their lives have become burdensome and valueless.

Keywords: Health

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Beyond Individualism photograph

Beyond Individualism

Jubilee Centre Events, May 2010

Price: FREE

At our day conference in May, a variety of speakers helped us consider the search for relational hope in the 21st century. It was opened by politics professor and pastor Dale Kuehne, for whom Perry Miller's phrase 'Standing on the threshold of an inconceivable age' encapsulates what it is to look out into a postmodern future.

Keywords: Christianity & Religion, Lifestyle Issues, Sex & Families, Worldviews & Culture

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Towards a Relational economy photograph

Towards a Relational economy

John Hayward, March 2010

Price: FREE

In the second in a series of two Cambridge Papers, Michael Schluter suggests that a radical new economic vision is urgently needed and proposes a way forward through five mutually reinforcing strategies.

Keywords: Finance & the Economy

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