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The Jubilee Roadmap photograph

The Jubilee Roadmap

Guy Brandon, February 2013

Price: £2.95

This booklet offers a brief but comprehensive introduction to the Jubilee Centre's work - a kind of 'primer' to our thinking.

The Jubilee Roadmap shows two alternative directions of travel for eight major themes in biblical law: Family, Property, Community, Government, Finance and the Economy, Welfare, Rest, and Justice. One direction reflects the prevailing thinking based on individualism, while the other - the road less travelled - points towards a society based on good and right relationships. The booklet explores the differences between our modern secular approach and the biblical ideal, and how we might start to move from one to the other.


Category: Books

Keywords: Christianity & Religion, Crime & Justice, Finance & the Economy, Government & Foreign Affairs, Sex & Families, Worldviews & Culture

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