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Votewise Now! Helping Christians engage with the issues photograph

Votewise Now! Helping Christians engage with the issues

Rose Lynas (ed.), August 2009

Price: £4.49

'What this book may call us to is the revitalisation of politics as a whole.' (Dr Peter Selby, former Bishop of Worcester)

Votewise Now! argues that politics should be first and foremost about right relationships, and that the best way to 'do' politics is to engage with the things that really concern people.

Containing ten concise chapters written by experts in their field, this helpful volume examines 'the most important issues facing Britain today'. After outlining the key debates within each, Votewise Now! turns to biblical teaching for a Christian perspective, and then offers a series of principles against which readers may evaluate party promises and so vote wisely.  The book concludes with a Christian MP from each of the UK's three main political parties responding to the question, 'Why should a Christian vote for your party?'

Don't miss the accompanying short video and additional group discussion materials!

Category: Books

Keywords: Crime & Justice, Education, Finance & the Economy, Government & Foreign Affairs, Health, The Environment

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