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The SAGE programme provides a wonderful environment in which to grow professionally and in your walk with God. The biggest thing I have taken away from the programme is a new awareness of how the Bible provides a blueprint for social reform and a vision for society where all can flourish. I recommend SAGE! – Peter, 2018/9 Participant

SAGE helped me develop my research skills and thinking so that I can better communicate biblical ideas in the public square, and have richer public conversations about faith and society. I would recommend SAGE to anyone who is considering how their view of the world shapes how they interact with it—and how God can be essential to that worldview. – Hannah, 2018/9 Participant

SAGE is Jubilee Centre’s key training initiative – a 10 month programme in biblical social reform for young leaders. Participants will learn to think biblically about issues in public life, develop research skills and mobilise other Christians to get involved in social transformation.  The SAGE Programme is for recent graduates with mature Christian character and leadership potential, and is based at the Jubilee Centre’s office in central Cambridge.  SAGE stands for these distinctives:

  • Social Reform is the overarching goal
  • Apprenticeship approach – you learn by doing
  • Grow professionally in the context of a Christian think tank
  • Experience a year as part of a learning community

… and all this in the context of seeking biblical wisdom and revelation.

Hear from our 2018-9 SAGE participants


What are the main outcomes?

  • Discover the Bible’s vision for society and how it addresses 21st century challenges in public life
  • Understand a framework for Christian social reform based on Relational Thinking
  • Develop your leadership potential by joining a Christian think tank with a 35 year track record
  • Learn skills for biblical and issue-based research and for communication of ideas
  • Form and implement a strategy for engaging people around a specific issue in public life
  • Grow in personal and spiritual maturity by living in Christian community

How is the programme structured?

There are three phases:

Study Phase (October to December): In an intensive version of our online course (on applying biblical principles to public life), SAGEites spend the term studying biblical thinking across seven different spheres—including economics, justice & law, welfare and the arts. With daily seminars and weekly essays, they break for Christmas with a comprehensive foundation in biblical thinking and its application.

Research Phase (January to April): SAGEites choose a topic together to work on as a team during the research phase, culminating in a 12,000 word report. They also have time to work on personal research projects, written up as a 4,000 word paper. The group project encourages robust, biblical research on a contemporary issue, and also provides a valuable discipleship opportunity as the participants navigate the complexities of researching as a team.

Engagement Phase (May to July):  The final term focuses on communicating their research findings and challenging other people to get involved in the issue they have chosen. They will develop their skills in event management and public speaking by organising events and delivering presentations to live audiences. In addition they will work on other ways to disseminate their research, e.g. through blog posts, videos, articles and podcasts.

The SAGE programme begins with a week away for team building at Moggerhanger Park, and ends with Jubilee Centre’s four-day Social Reformers Summer School.

Who is the programme for?

Recent graduates (bachelor or masters degree) under the age of 30, with mature Christian character and leadership potential, and who are deeply committed to seeing the Christian faith make a transforming impact on society.

‘I have appreciated learning the important Jubilee Centre principle of connecting a consistently biblical worldview with excellent research on issues in the public square. Both aspects of this equation are vital, and I have found our study and discussion very insightful on how to connect and integrate the two. Christians are called to be salt and light, engaging with the world rather than withdrawing from it, and committing to changing and challenging culture rather than accepting things as they are.’ – Andrew, 2018-9 Participant

What is the work schedule?

The main programme takes place in the Jubilee Centre from 9am-5pm on Mondays to Thursdays. To counterbalance the intellectual focus of the programme, each participant will also volunteer for 3-4 hours a week, normally on a Friday, with a social action project at a local church or ministry. Friday will also be for personal study and to go deeper in your own area of calling. Over the weekend you are also free to work a few hours to earn some extra money.

SAGE house in Cherry Hinton

Where will participants live?

The participants selected to join the SAGE programme will live together in Cherry Hinton, a suburb of Cambridge, which is a 15 minute cycle ride from the Jubilee Centre offices in the city centre.

How much does it cost?

The full fees for the 2020 SAGE programme are £5,800 (tbc) but each participant benefits from a scholarship of £4,000, leaving £1,800 to pay.  You will also need around £450/month for accommodation (your own room, all bills included), and up to £200/month for food, transport (a bicycle is highly recommended) and other living expenses. The SAGE Programme dates are from Sept 2020 to July 2021.  The Programme is considered charitable by Stewardship, which means that UK taxpayers can support participants (for their fees and their living costs) via Stewardship, and the value of their gifts will increase by 25% through Giftaid.

What are the Programme dates?

The SAGE Programme dates are from 27th Sept 2020 to 11th July 2021.

Who will lead it?
Jubilee Centre’s training director Philip Powell MSc leads the programme with support from Dr Ralph Lee MBE (on staff with the Navigators), and Jonathan Tame MSc (Jubilee Centre director). Additional input will come from staff with the Jubilee Centre and sister organisations (e.g. Relationships Foundation, Relational Schools) and from the organisations’ founder Dr Michael Schluter CBE.

How do I apply?

Application deadline: Tuesday 31st March

To register your interest and receive an application form, please email Mercedes McGuire at:

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