Same-sex marriage: Cambridge Papers author at public bill committee

by Guy Brandon

On February 5th, MPs voted in favour of the gay marriage bill by 400 to 175 against – a majority of 225. The strength of the majority makes it likely that the bill will go through the House of Lords this year. However, it was a free vote and, as expected, there was a significant Conservative ‘no’ vote: of those Conservative MPs who voted, 139 were against and 132 for.

The Bill is now being considered by a public committee consisting of 19 MPs (four of whom voted against the bill). After 12 March, it will return to the floor of the House of Commons for report stage, in which MPs consider any amendments, and its third reading – at which point it will go before the Lords.

Last week the committee met on four occasions to hear evidence from a range of experts and representatives of different organisations. On Tuesday 12, professor of jurisprudence Julian Rivers was invited to discuss some of the points set out in his Cambridge Paper, Redefining Marriage: the case for caution.

You can watch a recording of the evidence (16:47), or read a transcript here.


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February, 2013

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