Social Reformers Summer School: Katherine’s Story

Katherine Ladd, 2017 Summer School Attendee

Katherine Ladd, university student and founder of charity project Treated Right, talks to us about social reform, human trafficking and how the Social Reformers Summer School helped her get started.

So, Katherine, what exactly is Treated Right?

Put simply, Treated Right is a two-part project that includes a baking scheme to raise money and awareness for victims of trafficking and exploitation, and a website with online resources to educate people about the issue.

Why did you set up the project?

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been appalled by the concept of human trafficking – I couldn’t read anything about the subject without getting really sad and angry. At university, I realised that I wanted to engage with an issue that affected people and I began praying for God to put a concern on my heart. It was around this time that I attended the Social Reformers Summer School.

And how did the Summer School help?

The Summer School was an absolutely formative experience for me. Hearing Dr Elaine Storkey talk on the subject of sexual exploitation confirmed to me that this was the issue I wanted to address, whilst the rest of the Summer School gave me the biblical foundations and practical training I needed to make a plan. That’s where Treated Right began.

On the final day we had workshop on how to set up projects. I was able to write down deadlines, work out when I wanted to get my scheme started and how to structure it.

It was also so helpful to meet others with the knowledge and passion for social reform. Over breakfast, I was able to have very practical conversations with other attendees about their advice on setting up projects.

The Summer School combines lectures, small groups and workshops.

How could Treated Right help with social reform?

Well, we each have a sphere of influence. Through the baking scheme, each participant bakes for ten friends, so that’s ten people who learn that someone cares about trafficking. The dream is that each of these ten people becomes inspired to look into the issue and then mobilises their own sphere of influence do something about it.

Students also have the potential to become political leaders or decision makers in foreign policy, so we’d love to equip and reach them to do greater and further reaching things than I can.

Finally, what would you say to someone thinking about attending the Summer School?

I’d say that God calls Christians to boldly distinctive living. He asks us to be salt and light in whatever situation he places us. And if you want to know what that means for you, or how to respond to that call, or even if you’ve never thought about issues of social reform before, the Summer School will provide you with the wisdom, teaching and space to reflect on it.

Join us at the 2018 Social Reformers Summer School. This year’s School is taking place from 12th—15th July at Westminster College, Cambridge. Early bird discount available until 1st April 2018.


Learn more about Katherine’s experience:

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January, 2018

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