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Cambridge Papers is a non-profit making quarterly publication which aims to contribute to debate on a wide range of issues from a Christian perspective. Recent titles have included ‘Reimagining social welfare: Lessons from Geneva’s transformation’, ‘Integration, assimilation and fundamental British values: Invested citizenship and 21st century belonging’ and ‘Brexit in a fractured Europe: a relational vision and strategy for reconciliation’.

Cambridge Papers

We send out a new Cambridge Paper once every quarter, together with our Engage Newsletter.  These are free but we welcome contributions to cover the costs of producing and mailing this out; suggested donation £10 per year in the UK and £20 for other countries.  You can also read all our Cambridge Papers online.


Our Engage newsletter is full of our most recent articles, reviews of Cambridge Papers, books and new pieces of work.  It also highlights upcoming events and opportunities to get involved.



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January, 2018

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