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We research into social, economic and political issues for Christians who want to think biblically about public life, and we hope that one or more of the following will serve your needs and interests.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to sign up.


Cambridge Papers

We send out a new Cambridge Paper once every quarter.  These are free but we welcome contributions to cover the costs of producing and mailing this out; suggested donation £10 per year in the UK and £20 for other countries.  You can also read all our Cambridge Papers online.



Our Engage newsletter is full of our most recent articles, reviews of Cambridge Papers, books and new pieces of work.  It also highlights upcoming events and opportunities to get involved.  Sign up to receive these newsletters once every quarter.  There is a suggested donation of £10 per year to cover our costs in mailing this out in the UK and £20 for other countries.  If you would like an email version, sign up for E News below.


ENewsEmail Newsletter

Our email Newsletter is a short email of updates, with links to recent articles and publications and new content on our website.  It includes links to the latest Cambridge Papers and Engage each quarter.  Sign up to receive these by email every month.


Prayer News

Prayer News

Emailed every six weeks, this bulletin guides you through praying for the needs of the Jubilee Centre, thanking God for the good things he is doing and asking for guidance in our next steps as we seek to live out our calling.



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