The Bible and Money: Managing one’s money in the end times by Paul Mills

Bible and MoneyAn immensely practical eight-week course designed to help develop a biblical understanding of money and how we should use it, covering the following topics:

1. Possessions and money – who does the possessing?

2. Stewardship – for whom, for what, and when?

3. Giving – the real investment

4. Borrowing, lending, and debt – true ‘freedom’?

5. Saving and insurance – what does the future hold?

6. Investments and gambling – where should God’s money go?

7. Tax, pensions, and estate planning – when the end is nigh?

8. Church finances – nine marks of a healthy church budget.


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May, 2009

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  1. pastor palmer Destiny says:

    i want to know more about God in the area of finance

    • JubileeCentre says:

      What did you have in mind? If you search our resources by category (Finance) you will find lots of material about debt, investment and the economy.

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