The Church, Robotics and AI Conference

Date: 29 June 2018; Venue: The British Library, London; Tickets

We’re at the threshold of an unprecedented era of change around the development of artificial intelligence and robotics.  These new technologies are starting to influence almost every area of human activity, and will have major ethical implications.

The Jubilee Centre is producing a new research paper that will provide a biblically-based framework for evaluating developments in Artificial Intelligence and enable Christian leaders in church, business and public service to make an informed response that’s inspired by their faith.

This brand new research will be presented in a seminar, delivered at a national conference on the 29th June, organised by CARE at the British Library in London. ‘For the Sake of the Future’ is a one-day conference that will explore theological, social and practical implications of advances in artificial intelligence and robotics. Speakers include Prof John Lennox and Prof Nigel Cameron, and there is an early bird discount available until the 3rd May.


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April, 2018

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