The Status and Welfare of Immigrants by Jonathan Burnside

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In [the current immigration] debate the biblical worldview can offer wisdom, and principles which challenge our values and prejudices, not just reflect them.  This paper has not sought to provide a thorough analysis of the contemporary debate.  Rather, it looks at how these issues are addressed in the Bible and, in particular, how the nation of Israel was instructed to treat immigrants.  This report suggests that the issue facing Israel was how to balance love for vulnerable people, in the light of her own experience of slavery and oppression, with the need to preserve a distinct identity in terms of their covenantal relationship with God.  It argues that the way this tension was resolved can throw new light on how immigrants should be treated in Britain today.  As we have found in other areas we have studied, there is logic and coherence in the biblical position.  We hope that setting out these principles will prove helpful for all of us, for the ‘aliens’ whom  we are commanded to love are often on our doorstep, and the government acts in our name in its treatment of them.       From the Forward written by Michael Schluter.






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January, 2001

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