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The Relational State of Europe Snapshot

The Schuman Centre's State of Europe Forum, held on 9th May each year, brings together Christian leaders from around the continent to evaluate Europe today in the light of the vision of EU Founding Father, Robert Schuman, for Europe as a 'community of peoples deeply rooted in Christian values': equality, freedom, solidarity and peace.

The sponsors of the Forum, ECPF, commissioned Jubilee Centre, in collaboration with Relationships Global and Relationships Foundation, to write a report on the quality of family, community, economic, and political relationships across the continent.

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New way to access Jubilee Centre podcasts

Unfortunately the media company which was uploading our podcasts to iTunes is no longer working with audio files. As a result there are currently two Jubilee Centre accounts in iTunes, and all podcasts up to the end of 2011 are on the old account, which is accessible here:

Until we have resolved this problem, please access all pre-2012 podcasts directly by using the above link, as the buttons on the individual resource pages will send you to the new Jubilee Centre account, which only has the most recent podcasts.

Why marriage is (and isn't) the point

There's a great blog post on the Q Ideas website by one of our collaborators, Dale Kuehne, on 'Why Marriage Is (And Isn't) The Point'.

Dale's outstanding book, Sex and the iWorld, explores the deficiencies of what he calls the 'iWorld' - our default worldview of postmodern individualism - and what happens to our relationships when the needs and interests of the individual are promoted above all else.

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