Christianity & Religion

Forming a Christian Mind 2014

Connecting Faith and Academic Life

Our second annual conference for postgraduates and others seeking to connect biblical thinking and an academic or professional discipline is on 26th April 2014.

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3 Theories of Everything

Former Buddhist monk and jazz musician Ellis Potter seeks to explain three major worldviews today in his masterfully concise book, '3 Theories of Everything'. The three worldviews are monism, dualism and trinitarianism, and Ellis explores how each tries to account for what has gone wrong in the world and how it can be put right. We highly recommend this beautiful, engaging book, which will help you understand other worldviews and share your faith with those who hold them. It also makes an excellent gift for people who are open to eastern and new age spirituality.

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The Rescue Mission - book review

"Tears cascade incessantly from the blood-shot, pain stained eyes of the three friends huddled together....." Is how Pete Atkinson's book Rescue Mission begins. I had picked it up off the book table and by the end of page one I was hooked.

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