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Biblical lament and political protest

This paper considers the pastoral and political role of biblical lament in the Christian life. The theology and practice of lament is often neglected in congregations, despite its prominence in the biblical text. Such neglect deprives churches of a pastoral resource and moreover, as this paper highlights, diminishes the church’s capacity for prophetic critique and political activism in the face of social injustice. This paper argues lament is needed in corporate worship and prayer, not only to give spiritual expression to faith wrestling with pain, but also to re-energise communities of believers to name injustice, recognise political agency and sustain prophetic action.

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All In This Together

The Big State. It takes care of us. Schools, police, the NHS, pensions and benefits: we all pay our taxes so we can share the public services we need. It doesn't always work perfectly, but if we're All In This Together it's far better than letting people fall through the net.

But what happens when the State gets too Big? What happens when the ones making the decisions on our behalf and for our benefit become too distant from the people they serve, and don't really understand our needs properly? Not only do we end up paying too much, but the result is that the State intervenes in our lives in ways that are unhelpful and reduce our freedom.

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Biblical thinking and Scottish independence

'Should Scotland be an independent country?' This is the question voters in Scotland will answer on 18th September. Turnout for the referendum that will decide whether Scotland secedes from the Union it entered with the rest of the UK in 1707 is expected to be as high as 90 percent.

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