Towards a Relational Economy

John Hayward, March 2010

Western societies face economic decline and political instability due to the five moral flaws of Capitalism and their severe social consequences. A radical new economic vision is urgently needed.

In the second in a series of two Cambridge Papers, Michael Schluter, Chairman of Relationships Global and founder of the Jubilee Centre, proposes a way forward through five strategies: embed Relational values, strengthen household balance sheets, empower extended families, help shareholders and savers take greater responsibility in how their investments are used, and entrust welfare to local communities. These changes are mutually reinforcing because they all reform economic life so as to strengthen personal bonds in the local and wider communities.

He suggests that a Relational Movement to persuade political parties to adopt part or all of this agenda might include Christians, people of other religious faiths with relational priorities, those in regional and local government who seek greater commitment and engagement from local populations, those in the environment lobby who recognise the importance of people’s commitment to specific localities, and those among the wider public who understand the importance of family and other relational ties for human happiness and wellbeing.

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March, 2010

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