With over 30 years research into biblical perspectives on social, economic and political issues, the Jubilee Centre provides unique training opportunities for Christian leaders, students and young professionals.

We offer three different learning experiences:

1.) The Online Course- ‘Biblical Foundations for Public Leadership’ 

This year-long online course unpacks the biblical vision for society through a blended learning approach.

2.) The Social Reformers Summer School

A four-day training programme in the centre of Cambridge, this summer school equips Christians with the knowledge and practical skills to become social reformers in the 21st Century.

3.) SAGE Graduate Programme

This 10 month programme trains young leaders in social reform. Participants will learn to think biblically about issues in public life, develop research skills and set up a project to help Christians engage in social transformation.  It’s for recent graduates who have a mature Christian character and leadership potential, and is based in the Jubilee Centre’s office in central Cambridge.