Social Reformers Summer School 20th – 23rd July 2017

Our Summer School in Cambridge is designed for people aged between 20 and 40 who want to see the gospel bring lasting changes to society, as well as to individual lives.

Over four days you will gain insight from Christian social reformers in the past, learn about the Jubilee Centre’s framework and strategy for social transformation, and get hold of the skills for turning a vision for social reform into reality.

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Biblical Foundations for Public Leadership 2016-17

This innovative programme trains early-career Christians via an online course over 8 months followed by a four-day Summer School in Cambridge. The curriculum is based on Jubilee Centre’s research and teaching developed over the last 30 years. It unpacks the biblical vision for society, and introduces the idea of thinking relationally in different areas of society. Through the programme, participants will grow in understanding and confidence as to how the Bible can influence and shape public life for the common good.

Programme structure

banner-design-smallThe online course comprises seven modules, each with four lessons.  The ‘blended learning’ approach combines personal study with periodic Skype discussions and reflective essays. After the online course has been completed, participants gather for the Social Reformers’ Summer School in Cambridge, where they design a project to apply what they have been learning in their own context.

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Other courses & seminars

We are at a time when trend after trend calls into question the human person and the humanity of our advanced modern civilization. ‘Relational Thinking’ as proposed by Michael Schluter and his colleagues in Cambridge is therefore of momentous significance. This approach and its practical consequences are as revolutionary as Karl Marx’s but in a constructive and benign direction. Relational thinking should be studied by everyone concerned for human flourishing and the prospects for the future. Dr Os Guinness, author and social critic

SONY DSCWe have developed a 24 session ‘Certificate in Relational Thinking’ with the Johannesburg Bible College, which is run each year in South Africa between February and October.

Periodically we offer a ‘Foundations in Relational Thinking’ seminar, which is usually run in Cambridge over a 24 hour period.  Another intensive leadership programme is the Masterclass in Relational Thinking, hosted by Michael Schluter; participation is by invitation only.