Weighing up the consequences of unsustainable national debt

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Paul Mills is one of the most astute observers & predictors of global financial trends in Britain today.  His research has earned him an outstanding reputation both as an international economist & a biblical thinker.  Since writing his Cambridge PhD thesis on the biblical ban on interest in the late 1980s, Paul has been associated with the Jubilee Centre, writing many of our highly-regarded Cambridge Papers on the economy and finance.

In the 1998 paper, ‘Should Christians support the euro?’ Paul set out a clear prediction that European monetary union without political integration was doomed to fail. His description of how weaker countries would suffer corresponds remarkably with the news coming from Greece in the last year.

Now Paul has applied his extensive public sector experience and unparalleled understanding of fiscal markets to his most recent Cambridge Paper ’Prodigal Stewards’, which unpacks the causes and consequences of Britain’s long term government debt crisis.

Join us on Monday 15th June as we consider the relational cost of our national stewardship failures and assess how to form a biblical response.  Paul will begin with an exposition of the issues raised in his paper which be followed by the opportunity for Q&A.  Refreshments will be served.

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June, 2015

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