Why marriage is (and isn’t) the point.

pixabay user hans bride_and_groomby Guy Brandon

There’s a great blog post on the Q Ideas website by one of our collaborators, Dale Kuehne, on ‘Why Marriage Is (And Isn’t) The Point’.

Dale’s outstanding book, Sex and the iWorld, explores the deficiencies of what he calls the ‘iWorld’ – our default worldview of postmodern individualism – and what happens to our relationshipflickr user clean_walmart no marriages when the needs and interests of the individual are promoted above all else. In this post, Dale revisits some of these ideas in the context of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on equal marriage. Central to his argument is that the Christian Church has played a key role in over-emphasising the importance of marriage – and therefore helping to undermine it in a myriad of ways. Dale’s challenge is that we recapture a breadth and richness of relationships, rather than maintaining an unhealthy focus on one form of relationship.


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July, 2013

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