You Deserve It: Consumerism

We enjoy an unprecedented choice of consumer goods. Cars, clothes, accessories, music and electronics – especially computers and mobile phones – are available in a greater range of forms than ever before. This isn’t a bad thing in its own right. God created a physical world, and using what he has given us is a part of living in it.

But something else has happened along the way. Buying and acquiring new things isn’t just about possession any more. It’s about identity. It’s how we feel good about ourselves, how we define ourselves and understand our place in the world. Adverts make it clear that buying a new product isn’t just about owning something useful. It’s about a lifestyle. It’s not about having: it’s about being. Because, to paraphrase a well-known slogan, you deserve it.

On the hunt for a cheaper deal on his phone after the disastrous meeting with a mortgage broker, Dave is about to find out that there are downsides to thinking that way – but that it’s not always easy to do things differently.


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August, 2013

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