Artificially Intelligent? The myths, realities and trajectories of AI

This booklet dispels some of the sensationalism around Artificial Intelligence, asking instead how a fresh understanding of humanity can shape the trajectory of AI development. It draws on research interviews from ten leading AI practitioners and thinkers, and provides a distinctly biblical framework for understanding AI. Addressing all levels of expertise, the insights and guidelines provided will enable Christian leaders in church, business and public service to make informed responses to AI that are rooted in their faith.


“Informative, authoritative, insightful and practically orientated – I wholeheartedly endorse this paper which provides a helpful, theologically informed roadmap for the rapidly changing world of AI. Essential reading for church leaders and all those who wish to understand and engage with the challenges which lie ahead.”

Professor John Wyatt, Professor Emeritus of Ethics & Perinatology, University College London


"Without doubt advances in AI look set to disrupt and transform the way in which we live our lives. This agile and evocative paper from the Jubilee Centre helps Christians to navigate this emerging landscape, identifying the risks and opportunities whilst grasping the significance of them within a biblical framework. People remain at the heart of God’s purposes and the more ‘intelligent’ machines we build, the more important it is for us to keep our eyes on the needs and opportunities of humanity to flourish. This paper begins to provide us with the tools to do just that."

Nola Leach, Chief Executive at CARE (Christian Action, Research & Education)


“No field of technology is making faster progress than AI, and it may be than none has more potential to change how humans flourish. This thoughtful report will be accessible to a wide readership without requiring specialist knowledge of AI. Drawing on a Christian perspective on human relationships, it offers some challenging reflections and recommendations.” 

Professor Andrew Briggs, Professor of Nanomaterials, University of Oxford, author of The Penultimate Curiosity and It Keeps Me Seeking.


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