A Christian Response to Immigration by Guy Brandon

By JubileeCentre 26 Dec 2011

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Immigration is a live and perennial issue, and often prompts polarised and unhelpful responses from politicians, the media and the public. Our default viewpoint is frequently one of suspicion, a simplistic reaction that assumes immigrants all come for the same reason and have identical motives. The Old Testament's approach to immigration was far more nuanced, and a biblical view of nationhood and immigration helps to bring a degree of balance and proportion to the debate.

LATEST NEWS: A new publication by Jubilee Centre on 'Immigration and Justice' will be available at the beginning of 2015.  It starts with a section on the state of the nation regarding immigration, then delves into the scripture for a perspective on migrants, before recommending ways that local churches can engage missionally with immigration in their neighbourhood.  If you would like us to notify you when this 12,000 word booklet is published, please send an email to Emily Shurmer, our Supporter Relations Administrator.

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