Consent versus Community: What Basis for Sexual Offences? By Jonathan Burnside

By JubileeCentre 26 Aug 2006

In this major new report from the Jubilee Centre a new and powerful line of critique of contemporary sexual ethics is opened, one the Jubilee Centre is continuing to research.

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Our contention is that the morality of a decision regarding sexual practice can only adequately be judged when the interests of third parties are taken into account. To put it another way, debate should be focused around a positive concern for the communities we seek to protect. What about the toll upon ones spouse, children, extended family, friends or colleagues some or all of whom will be affected by decisions consenting adults take? A serious concern to build community requires a new, less individualistic basis for sexual offences. This thorough and insightful study of sexual offences in biblical law (Leviticus 20 in particular), opens a new, and surprisingly fruitful, way forward.



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